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Ken Scarlett has acted as Curator of the following exhibitions –

Note: SLV. and McC. signifies available at State Library of Victoria or McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery.

1972 - 20 August-20 October           

'Sculpture Survey' 1. McClelland Gallery. Carl Andrew selected the works. Ken Scarlett wrote the introduction in the catalogue.

1988 – 13 September-23 October 

'John Davis: Places and Locations.' Heide Park and Art Gallery

1990 - 21-24 June       

Contemporary Australian Sculpture, for ACAF2. Australian Contemporary Art Fair Two at Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

1992 – 1-4 October 

'Contemporary Australian Sculpture Exhibition.' ACAF3. Third Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

(The  cover of the ACAF4 catalogue shows some of the sculpture exhibited in ACAF3)

1992 – 7 July-6 September

'Dame Edna Regrets She is Unable to Attend - Humour and satire in contemporary sculpture. Heide Park and Art Gallery.'

Subsequently toured 11 galleries in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, ACT and Tasmania. Note: Only page 1 of 3 pages reproduced.

1994 – 12 March -         

'Kyneton Collection,' Shire Hall, Council Offices, Kyneton.

1994 – 13 April-21 May           

'Sculpture for Heidelberg.' Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital

1995 – 3 April-20 May      

'Sculpture at Heidelberg.' Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre

1995 – 4 June –

'Continuum and Contrast.' McClelland Gallery

1996 – 25 February-26 May      

'Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne: Sculpture Walk.' SLV.

Note: Only page 1 of 2 pages reproduced.

Stelarc. 'Fractal Flesh.' Performances 8pm 1 & 2 March


'Sculpture Trail,' Victoria University of Technology and Footscray Park, City of Maribyrnong.

 1996 – 21 October-13 December   

'Sculpture 3.' Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre.

1998 – 8 March-15 May 

'Concurrence or Contrast' Sculpture in the Dandenong Ranges Gardens. Parks Victoria.

1997 – 6 October-12 December   

'House and Garden.' Sculpture at Heidelberg. Austin and Repatriation Medical Centre.

2001 – 11 March-12 May           

 'Sculpture at Seawinds. Old Landscape: New Garden.' Parks Victoria.

2002 – 1-31 May                

 'Toorak Village Festival of Sculpture.'

2003 – 6 July-1 September          

'Vincas Jomantas Retrospective.' McClelland Gallery+Sculpture Park.

‘The Journey’ by Ken Scarlett, pp 14-22. SLV. McC.

2006 – 12 November-10 December           

'Erwin Fabian: a Survey.' McClelland  Gallery+Sculpture 


2006 – 21 November-10 December

'Erwin Fabian: Current Works.' Australian Galleries, Melbourne. 

‘In Praise of Continuity.’



2008 – 1-20 July           ‘

'Venerate the Earth, sculpture of Peter Blizzard.' Australian Galleries, Melbourne.

2009 – 10 May-19 July            ‘

'Teisutis Zikaras: Sculptures and Drawings.' McClelland Gallery+Sculpture Park. ‘Disparate in Style: Always Figurative,’by Ken Scarlett, pp. 3-7. SLV. McC.

2011 – 3 February-16 April           

'From Public Figures to Public Sculpture.' City Gallery, Melbourne Town Hall.

2012 – 29 July-28 October            

'Clive Stephen: Sculptor.' McClelland Gallery+Sculpture Park.

‘Clive Stephen Sculptor’by Ken Scarlett, pp 11-22. SLV. McC.

2014 – 5 September 2014-26 January 2015            

'Mildura Revisited: sculptures exhibited' 1961-1978. Mildura Arts Centre.

‘Mildura Revisited’by Ken Scarlett, pp 4-15.  SLV.

2017 – 24 July-12 November           

Tina Haim: Tina Haim-Wentscher: Tina Wentcher. Sculptor 1887-1974. McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery.

‘Tina Wentscher in South East Asia pp 21-26 and ‘Tina Wentcher in Australia’pp 29-32 by Ken Scarlett. SLV. McC.


‘Tina Wentscher in South East Asia pp 21-26 and ‘Tina Wentcher in Australia’pp 29-32 by Ken Scarlett. SLV. McC.

2017 – 24 July-12 November           

'Tina Haim: Tina Haim-Wentscher: Tina Wentcher. Sculptor 1887-1974.'

Supplementary Publication. List of Works and Bibliography.

McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery. SLV. McC.

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