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Ken Scarlett

Ken Scarlett is regarded as one of the country's leading authorities on Australian Sculpture. He is author of a number of books, most notably Australian Sculptors,1980; The Sculpture of John Davis, 1983; Contemporary Sculpture in Australian Gardens 1993;  Rhythms of life: The Art of Andrew Rangers, 2003; Elgee park: Sculpture in the landscape, 2004, with enlarged and revised edition in 2010; Vincas Jomantas, jointly produced with Robert Lindsay, 2018; his 'fictional autobiography' Limited Recall, was published in 2005. 


For many years he lectured in sculpture at tertiary institutions before becoming the Director of the Gryphon Gallery in Melbourne. He has not only curated a number of exhibitions of sculpture in major galleries, including McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery, Heide Museum of Modern Art and Australian Galleries but also in unorthodox venues such hospitals, shopping complexes, parks and gardens. The Sculpture Walk in Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens 1996, will be long remembered as a major outdoor exhibition. He has travelled widely and visited sculpture parks around the world

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